I usually share anti-left videos as they are confronting and interesting, despite the fact that I am an enormous lefty feminist and friend to beta males everywhere. I find it more interesting to engage with what the “other side” has to say, and investigate how the left is being portrayed, than sharing videos full of stuff that I already agree with.

A friend of T5I alerted me to this video, however, and I’m going to break the mould, perhaps to make up for the jimmies I have rustled in the past.

Milo Yiannopoulos is famous among the alt-right as being a conservative, gamergating, gay (we got one gaiz!!1) pundit, and this video, I think, is emblematic of the alt-right in every way. In it, he is essentially complaining to the president that twitter took away his verification check, and is crying censorship over it.

Firstly, there is no censorship going on. His account was not closed, suspended, or moderated in any way. It doesn’t affect income, how and how far his tweets are spread, nothing. To suggest otherwise is extremely disingenuous. He may have an argument that this process should be open and transparent, but he (and the alt-right in general) are hardly the biggest victims when it comes to not being able to be heard.

More importantly, he honestly thinks this is worth people’s time – the president’s time – and that’s because he is only thinking about the situation from his perspective. He has made a career for himself decrying how “feminists” spend time making mountains out of molehills, and that they deserve the harassment they receive as some form of result. That they spend too much time talking about the gender pay gap (which, no matter how you account for the statistics, is NOT at parity and NEVER has been – srsly if I hear one more time that “I massaged the numbers with statistics and women get paid 96% so there’s no gender pay gap” I’m going to 1man1jar myself), that they should harden up and expect harassment, that their voice is over-represented in media, so on and so on. Now twitter has the audacity to remove his verification and he runs to the president about it. The very fact that he feels this is both necessary and appropriate is utterly damning for his cause;  the first time voices like his receive any perceived threat, he runs crying to daddy, showing all at once how new to the concept of a marginalized voice is to him, how poorly he understands the concept when applied to people who are actually on the margins, and how he simply expects the existing power structures to accommodate his every whim. What a joke.

Go harass him for me, will you? His followers, especially those commenting on this video, are absolutely hilarious to rile up – you can just sit back and watch them go, glorious.

That’s enough of my editorializing. Do you want to see moar like this in the blog? Did you hate it? Hit me up in the comments section, or elsewhere, if you have an opinion.

Now back to the show.

If you’ve ever found yourself over at CinemaSins, I think you’ll appreciate this video:


Not sure if this is repost…?

This video is all about the drummer (the others are cool too):














~ by Andrew on April 17, 2016.

2 Responses to “17.04.16”

  1. So on the one hand you’re a smart guy whose opinions I like reading, even if I’m not entirely in lockstep with them, so adding your own thoughts on stuff would be good reading. On the other, I know you’re big on presenting your stuff in such a way that people can make their own judgements, and it would suck for you to feel like you *need* to compromise that for whatever reason.

    I think the general way you do T5I is pretty good, but the occasional long-form rant about something that properly bonks your clonkers would be great!

    Also, please do not 1man1jar yourself unless you’re willing to film it. Do it for the vine.

  2. I tend to agree; not all-rants-all-the-time, but the occasional invective-filled wordviolence is like a soothing balm. Do it for the betas.

    Also those kids playing Rammstein were the best. I liked drum/harp girl, but guitar/violin kid had the kind of crazy intensity that makes you realise the one universal truth; death is coming for us all.

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