X:I 03.11.14







~ by Andrew on November 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “X:I 03.11.14”

  1. I kind of wish Total Biscuit would focus on dealing with his cancer treatment instead of advocating for Nazis and doxxers.

  2. Like, watching that video was weird. He’d settle on good and legitimate points like how score-based reviews need to be abolished and actual ethical concerns like that laptop for good reviews thing. Then he’d go off the rails (“I believe in the free market, but reviewers have to stick to conformist opions”), suggest that the problem with the current setup isn’t developers, journos or critics being swamped with death threats, doxxing attempts and harrasment but that they have to apologise for some nebulous things and then implies that trolls and various awful jerks are a minority in the GG movement.

    Buddy, when the only allies you can find are Stormfront and Breitbart then maybe you’re associating with the wrong people.

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