Daily Dose – 30.10.13 (3/3)

~ by Andrew on October 31, 2013.

2 Responses to “Daily Dose – 30.10.13 (3/3)”

  1. The fuck is with the anti-women/feminism bullshit?
    I thought you were cool. =(

    • I have absolutely NO respect for anyone who takes ANY of the content you are referring to at face value – in the sense that I am motivated by a feeling of horror. I don’t want to promote or endorse anything here – just show you what prompted me to have a reaction, or a trend I’ve noticed.

      For example, the women walking past the dude with “patriarchy”? That is equivalent in stupidity to people who say global warming isn’t real because it’s cold today. And I think those people are _extremely stupid_, and at the very least shouldn’t be asked about gender roles / the weather (resp.)

      The Mario Bros gamer girl thing? This is so arrogantly stupid, so fucking tribal in its exclusive and narrow conception of gender, but man it keeps cropping up again and again, shit like this. As visible and as stupid as FOX news on some days in internet land. There are extremely popular YouTubers going on a rampage about this, especially about people like Anita Saarkesian, and are doing it in a disgusting way – I felt this image pretty much summed up their argument. I don’t endorse either of these extremes, and I wish that people could be more sensible about the issue all the fucking time.

      I can provide you with an extensive list of thoughts that run through my head when I look at these things and none of them are kind. But it really doesn’t matter that I have explanations – I have upset you, and for that I am sorry.

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