Now for the “interesting slash requires explanation” pictures!

This demonstrates that not ALL canadians are nice.
I posted it for the bees.
Radiation from Fukushima. Good times.
The first moonwalk, soccer field for scale.
Propaganda is always fun.

OK so this is just a quibble of mine. A number can be infinite and never repeating, but that DOESN’T mean that every possible number is listed in it. Brain-warping to think about. Numbers that have this “all the numbers” property are called Normal numbers (fucking mathematicians calling everything normal amirite) and we’re not sure if pi is one.
This is how you should set your equalizer if the sound effects / music is too loud and the talking is too soft.
The big problem is the label revenue, imho. But are there any musicians out there who think there is a better solution?
You said it, buddy. However,


~ by Andrew on October 3, 2013.

One Response to “AUG-OCT – 2”

  1. Yessssssss… clear blue water at my local beach. Suck it, radiation.

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