July – 8

~ by Andrew on July 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “July – 8”

  1. Guy complaining about assholes uses ‘censorship’ to refer to complaining on the internet and ‘political correctness’ in a context other than ‘lol, look at this moron acting like political correctness is a term you can use unironically’, so he’s automatically disqualified, even if he hadn’t gone on to go ‘rape culture is invalid as an idea because it makes me feel sad.’

    Hordes of YouTube commentators telling you you suck, whether they have a point or not, is never censorship. Referring to anything other than a government or organisation with authority banning ideas as censorship does nothing other than demonstrate you have the thinnest fucking skin imaginable and no sense of proportion, equivalent to the guy bitching that Michale Bay raped his childhood with the Transformers movies.

    Political correctness is a decision made purely for political reasons and a fear of losing support. If the person asking for change genuinely believes what they’re doing is the right thing then political correctness plays no part in it. When 99% of people complain about political correctness what they’re actually saying is ‘I can’t be arsed engaging with this or examining my own beliefs as having problems, so I’m going to accuse it of being disingenuous’.

    It’s amazing how often people who claim to be advocating for free speech and open conversation adore employing buzzwords to trivialise what their opposition is saying and question their motives, basically saying ‘I’m OK with people saying things, unless they’re things I disagree with or imply my own thinking might be incorrect, in which case you’re probably some kind of fascist trying to shut down the conversation’. I wish it would stop, because the irony causes me actual physical pain.

    OK, rant over, Great blog posts otherwise, dude!

    • Thanks for the rant! It is appreciated.
      I agree that the word “censorship” is horribly over-used, especially when someone is invoking the “satire” defense. In this particular case, the fact that it was satire certainly wasn’t clear to me.
      I chose this video because it was thought provoking, with regards to rape culture, though I didn’t agree completely. I think that the notion of rape culture – that is, the society in which we live actively supports sexual assault through the tacit participation of the masses – is interesting to think about and can help identify social malignancies. But sometimes I worry that it is simply shifting responsibility from the deviant few who exploit and entrench these divisions to innocent people. I understand that the response should be society-wide, but the term is incendiary, especially when you compare our culture to actual instances of institutionalized rape (Mongols, anyone?).
      Again, thanks for the rant, I will keep thinking about these sorts of things :3

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