Daily Dose – 26.03.13

This is probably going to be the last “daily dose” – I’m going to try out something new, soon.

But for now!

This rustled my jimmies so bad:

A good response:

The Steubenville case gained a lot of attention; I was just as shocked by this little guy:

On the subject of rustling, this line of argument:

… would be nice if the majority of people used fire hydrants to more effectively commit crimes. IS THAT WHAT THEY ARE CALLING FOR?!
Anyways Science! has made the lightest material ever produced, called Aerographite:

… and this is the latest panoramic view of the universe, courtesy of WISE:

Please consider yourself lucky if you don’t get this meme right here (spoiler – everybody loses):

Internet address activity plotted over time:

(they are chasing a butterfly)

Pixelated faces of children: never a good sign

This book was excellently torn to pieces over here, and it seems it’s Holywood’s turn:


Yes this is a crab bridge:


~ by Andrew on March 27, 2013.

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