Daily Dose – 06.02.13


Worth the wait:

Composite of emotion depictions:

3D printed success kid:

Badass tooth removal:

Salt and pepper:


~ by Andrew on February 6, 2013.

7 Responses to “Daily Dose – 06.02.13”

  1. This post blew my mind approx. 25 times.

  2. Hi there, many of these drawings and comics don’t belong to you. Could you please take them down or credit the original artist?

    • I’m sorry, but no. Here are some reasons.

      1. I make no money from this blog, nor will I ever. You are not charged to view content that is otherwise free. My use of the images constitutes fair use for commentary purposes.
      2. At no point do I claim that the work is mine; I make this explicit in my About page.
      3. I present the same amount of attribution as I find it – which is to say, usually none. Welcome to the internet.

      There are more. Would you like some?

      If you want to claim copyright over a particular item in one of my posts, I’d love to have a conversation with you about why you think is important. Please email me with further details at the address found in the Submissions page.

      If you want to find attribution for yourself, I suggest one of the many reverse image search databases available – google does it, so does tineye.

      Bottom line is that I’m not going to do extra work hunting down attribution when I am under no legal (or even reasonable) obligation to do so. That is not how I’ve ever interacted with the internet – it doesn’t matter who said or made a thing, it is only the thing itself that I am interested in exploring and exhibiting.

      …unless you’re curious and want me to do the legwork – I’m a glutton for internet research!

      • If you’ve prepared that many reasons, then there’s not much I can say to change your mind, but if you would at least consider doing the legwork for some of the images?

        I don’t expect you to be finding attribution for every single gif and manip haha, but for some of them, like the comics about the “nice guy card” or “do the unexpected” or the hyperbole and a half one- and such, were obviously made by someone who put a lot of time and effort into them. (I don’t quite consider them ‘free’ since some of these drawings can be sold as prints by the artist at a later date if they so chose to.)
        I know for sure that It matters to them that they made it, even if you don’t care, because most artists rely on word of mouth to make a living and such, and is generally more respectful to them even if it’s just a small link. When you post it without a source, you’re enabling a long chain of others to try stealing the art themselves or to link /you/ as the creator, and the artist has put in all their hard work for nothing. Even actual museums and exhibits credit their artists.

        You didn’t have to post these things. You could’ve kept on going with your life without ever having posted some of these drawings and your blogviewers and you would’ve been completely unaffected. But by doing so without attribution, you’ve affected the artist, so yes: You do have a bit of responsibility to do so. This being the internet doesn’t justify anything, and the people whom you found some content from without a proper source are assholes.

        • Please do not mistake me for someone with a closed mind; I’m glad you are raising these concerns, and I just really like reasons!

          I understand that most artists (definitely NOT all) care about attribution, and links are what grows their regular audience. However, I do not think I have affected the artist by posting them like you claim. In fact, I think the opposite is true. If I post a comic without attribution, my readers see the comic and appreciate the artist’s work; does the artist think this was for nothing? Does it only matter to them if they can get paid? I don’t think so.

          I also don’t agree with the idea that I am “stealing” the art, or enabling others to do so. If an artist links or displays a picture on their website, then (in my view) anyone should be able to save and share and shop the image to their heart’s content. Prints for money? Sure. But for the electronic versions, it is exactly through this environment that memes like this:

          become hyper-visible, leading to the best kind of publicity for the artist.

          The only time that stealing occurs is when websites use others’ content for their own monetary gain (cough ebaums cough). One thing that I do (if I can be bothered) is cut out watermarks from websites that are obviously trying to capitalize on the work of others. For example, here is the “nice guy card” comic and the crazy straw comic in the forms I found them in before I cropped out the bottoms. I hope it is obvious to you why I did this. You will also notice that there are many comics with the source actually in the image; I wouldn’t ever crop those out. That’s true of the “do the unexpected” comic you referenced!

          If someone is interested in finding out who the creator is, there are many ways for them to do so quickly and easily. It’s funny that you mention museums, because I find the IRL art world to care faaaar to much about who produces art and far too little about the actual content. I am, in my own way, trying to promote the opposite view.


          I do understand and appreciate your POV. I have updated the tags on this post to include the names of the original artists wherever I have been able to find them, whenever it is not clear from their content. I will do this for future posts as well. It will help meatsacks, and the search engine spiders will eat it up.

          • :O I see. I’m sorry for judging you so fast and unfairly. I think I may need to reconsider my own views, haha. Thank you for updating the tags though :D

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