Logic puzzle!

For most of my dear readership, this will hold no interest. Check out the content from yesterday, and/or wait until tonight for more poast.

But if you’re into logic puzzles, try this one out!

It’s from an online IQ test I tried aaaages ago and I didn’t get it out in the time limit, but I’ve stumbled across it again and finally figured out the answer.

Let me know in comments if you get it out!


~ by Andrew on December 2, 2012.

11 Responses to “Logic puzzle!”

  1. that’s monstrous.

  2. I want to know the answer! Do you have a link where they show you how to do it?

    • I looked online for a solution, but I couldn’t find one.
      I’ll give you two hints!
      1. The puzzle should be read by rows, so top left is the first, top middle the second, etc.
      2. The way to go 3->4 is the same as 6->7. The way to go 1->2->3, 4->5->6 and 7->8->9 are all the same.
      I’ll leave it at that for now – if you can’t get it and MUST KNOW THE ANSWER then I can tell you via email but I don’t want to spoil it :P

  3. […] seems that nobody has found the answer to the logic puzzle I posted just over a week ago. There’s a hint there now which will possibly get you started. […]

  4. XX^
    Is the matrix that should go under the gap (in position 12), I think.
    This is one of the harshest Raven’s Progressive Matrices I’ve seen.

  5. I would say 96% is F.
    When I say Brothers I mean TWO symbols from the same kind that are adjacent to each other either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

    Each row AND each column of groups has to have 2 groups that have four brothers in them and one group that has five brothers in it.

    After checking the Brothers in each group, that’s what I got:

    5 4 4
    4 5 5
    4 4 ?

    It’s clear what number this definitely is! Yes, 5 :-)

    After checking the suggested choices, guess how many solutions contained 5 Brothers? ….. Ya ONE solution, which is F!

    Try for yourself and correct me if I’m wrong :-)

    • Sorry the table is
      5 4 4
      4 5 4
      4 4 ?

      • I follow your reasoning perfectly, and think that this is a perfectly valid response!
        My only gripe is that arrangements of the form


        … count as three brothers in your solution, but there is no example of this explicitly in the puzzle. However, you have formed a rule and deduced the right answer, with only one alternative. Nicely done!

        I’m surprised because the answer I found was not F and follows a completely different rule. Gareth also found the same rule.

        I’ll offer you the same I offered Gareth – name a theme and I’ll make a 50 item post about it :3

        Thanks for commenting!!

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  7. B

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