Rambles feat. Faster Than Light

So, yeah, I didn’t post for a week. My “Daily” has been worse than Jon Stewart’s.

The major culprits are Faster Than Light:

Review: A crowdsourced supercheap indie strategy game, its super-simple exterior and gameplay quickly become enthralling; multitasking and planning ahead are the ultimate skills being tested. Your ability to make the right strategic (and sometimes eerily moral) choices at the right times will be rewarded as you replay this again and again, forging new paths with different crews and rigs, jumping blindly from star to star before the unstoppable(?) Rebel War Fleet with whatever crap you can scavenge from ships you shoot out of the sky. If you have ever been mildly interested in strategy games ever (and up, oh so far up): Buy This Game (it is on Steam)

Borderlands 2:

Which is rad and needs no further piyump from me

… and NIL (a more fitting acronym for IRL).

I’m putting together some posts now; I’ll try to be more regular.



~ by Andrew on September 26, 2012.

One Response to “Rambles feat. Faster Than Light”

  1. More regular please, got to get this piss out ur ass

    Think about your dad

    What’s ur dad like?

    I want to meet that dad

    Doo da doo doo

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