From The Vault 18 – The Art of Controversy

Here’s another reason why the internet is awesome: a book called The Art of Being Right was written in 1831 in German (link with English translation) by Arthur Schopenhauer (the badass dude above who was the original inspiration for the Marvel character Wolverine!!), then a French blog decided to update it for internet use today. The series is incomplete – there are six missing comics at the time of writing (direct links to original texts here), and I have little hope we will ever see them realized by the original author.

If you find yourself in a flame war, this is a great toolkit. Detect and expose the logical inadequacies of your opponent! Cover for your bad arguments with deftness and skill! Learn to stoke the flames of rage and perfect the art of being wrong on the internet!

Without further ado,


~ by Andrew on May 23, 2012.

One Response to “From The Vault 18 – The Art of Controversy”

  1. You got me… will I never learn? Also, I quite enjoyed that troll for the second time.

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