Guest Post: Finn – The Four R’s

Greetings, true believers! I’ve been given the run of Fifth Internet for a special guest post. The four R’s have nothing to do with sustainable waste removal, but are of course RPGs, Radioactive Spider Blood, Rock n’ Roll and Random.

I’m going to open things up with a bunch of RPG-related material. If you’re not into RPGs, have a look anyway, there’s a bunch of cool stuff here.

First, shameless plug opportunity. The Fifth Internet has very kindly promoted Never See the Light of Play a few times already and here I shall do so again! I go through my RPG collection and give an example of the character creation process step by step.

 Ever wondered exactly how (un)prolific the RPG industry is? Here are Evil Hat’s sales figures. For context, the Dresden Files RPG (listed as DFRPG: OW and DFRPG:YS in that table) probably came fifth in sales out of the entire industry in the quarter it debuted.

 An Order of the Stick Kickstarter  recently blew everyone’s expectations out of the water, raising over $1.2 million. It received a bunch of media attention.

 Earlier this year Wizards of the Coast announced that a new edition of D&D is in the works. Unfortunately, this brought out lots of angry people with angry ideas about elf make-believe. Fortunately the Dungeon Bastard is here to explain why edition warring is stupid.

Lady Blackbird is an amazing free RPG and you should check it out.

If you find yourself playing in a sci-fi rpg, this is easily the best list of starship names ever.

 On the other hand, maybe you’re running a spy game? If so, this Wikileaks document obtained from intelligence organisation Stratfor of real-life intelligence slang and jargon is an awesome resource. Also, packed to the brim with extreme lulz.

This photoshoot of different athlete body types should be compulsory viewing for RPG artists. And comic artists for that matter. Particularly interesting is the contrast between bodybuilders and weightlifters.

I love browsing Deviant Art for inspirational material. I so want to play in a game where all of these were classes.

Now it is time for the part where everything is Spiderman.

I was initially leery about the upcoming reboot, but this trailer pretty much sold me.

Now I shall play you the music of my people: Psychobilly

(OK, the Living End aren’t really Psychobilly, but they’re self-labelled as ‘Punkabilly’ which is basically the same thing)

Thank you for viewing! And now, in the tradition of this land and its customs, I’ll leave you with a bevvy of random things.


~ by misterfinn on May 18, 2012.

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