X – 12.05.12


~ by Andrew on May 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “X – 12.05.12”

  1. You know there’s absolutely no proof the sex after death thing ever existed, right? It seems to have been a rumour started by a Mubarak supporter, picked up by the international media because it fits nicely into the ‘Muslims are all fucked up’ narrative.

    • For sure – I mostly just let the content speak for itself, and if people want to assume everything I post here is fact then they can go right ahead :P

      Still, I don’t think that “Mubarak’s supporter dun it” is sufficient to explain away this story; it was a range of things from actual quotes, fears and rumours and (as you said) an eager press that made this happen. The fact remains that women were probably better off (legislatively and in fact) under Mubarak’s rule than these early days of the new Egypt.

      I recommend this article for more info!

  2. Both the article you’ve linked and the original Al Arabiya article that may have started this entire mess act like anyone gives a shit about what Zamzami Abdul Bari, a cleric who said it was ok for women to drink while pregnant, has to say.

    I don’t deny that there are plenty of problems in the new Egypt, but I question how much of those have to do with post-revolution unrest.

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