Three Weeks On Internet – 19.2.12 – Politics (III)

Worried the government is reading your emails? Don’t worry any more – know that they already are!;
In Anonymous news, the Syrian president got hacked by Anonymous, the law firm Puckett&Faraj had all their dox stolen, a Saudi blogger faces the death penalty for apostasy regarding a tweet he made on Muhammed’s birthday, Anonymous is organising medication drops to Syria and utilizing Tor to keep the internet up in Iran;
Women in combat is becoming something that can’t be ignored any longer;
An interesting look into the state of education in the US. Relatedly, a look at the role of the rich-poor divide;
Did you hear about the charity / mammogram / abortion debacle in the states? Well, it started with a black eye when the Susan G. Komen foundation decided to withdraw all their funds from Planned Parenthood. This surprised everyone, especially considering that SGK is an anti-breast cancer charity and PP provides information, referrals, exams and more as the (sometimes sole) healthcare provider the public have access to. The story got bigger, and SGK began vigorously denying any political angle. Their stated reason was that, because PP didn’t perform mammograms, they were no longer worth their support. Several media appearances and a stilted, obfuscatory YouTube address from the founder helped nothing (except it did remind me of this):

Under increasingly enormous pressure, they reversed their decision – but people weren’t done yet. When the obvious political motivations were exposed, the instigator was forced to quit. This entire story made me happy, because it showed the Left still have a few things to say over there…;
Why buying Pink is not a good thing;
Universities are the latest battleground in the war against woo-woo;
Right-wingers are apparently less intelligent than left-wingers;
Developments in the superviruses that are probably going to kill us all;
Iran has NINJAS now!;

Sometimes attempts to score political points off stupid bullshit has unintentionally pitiful results:



(the above is a pic of dead Romani and sunbathing Italians, btw)





~ by Andrew on February 19, 2012.

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