Three Weeks On Internet – 19.2.12 – Tech/Geek (IV)

BTJunkie shuts down right after Megaupload;
Get your super-retro gaming going on at pica-pic;
Should scientific Theories be referred to as Laws instead?;
Stem cell research is beginning to really pay off;
This is a great how-to if you want to fool overseas websites (like Comedy Central) into thinking you’re from the US;
Mathematics and the African diaspora;
A look at gender (in)equality in the Sciences;
Watch a killer T cell in action!;

I installed the addon Do Not Track Plus, explained here:

After using this for one week, here’s my count:

Oh and while we’re at it, here are some free (one exception) and excellent things I useto keep my computer running awesome – if you have better suggestions, let me know!
MyDefrag – the best and fastest defragmentation software I’ve found – free and schedulable!
CCleaner – I use this to clean up my registry and clean out extraneous files.
Malwarebytes – If all other antivirus programs don’t work, MWB probably will.
Splashtop Streamer – Strictly for Android tab users only, but this allows you to remote-control your desktop; set that torrent to download without getting out of bed! Unfortunately this one’s not free…
GOM & VLC media players – I find that GOM will play almost anything, and has a much friendlier user interface than VLC. But if GOM won’t play it, VLC will.
Winamp – Best music manager I’ve found, works flawlessly with android devices, also great range of visualizations.
Celestia – Free 3D, fully explorable map of space, which you can fly around in to your heart’s content.
MoveOnBoot – Ever had a file you wish you could delete, but your OS won’t let you? Set it to be deleted at startup with this guy.
Irfanview – Fast and very user-friendly image viewer, with great slideshow options.
-I also recommend frequent visits to Simply Noise and RainyMood for ambient goodtimes


~ by Andrew on February 19, 2012.

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  1. I can vouch for this:

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