This Week On Internet – 21.1.12

In case you didn’t notice, is down:

The FBI have a case they want to make, so have pre-emptively shut the site down. So I think you can guess what happened next;

This has nothing to do with SOPA – this is the kind of stuff that governments do with the powers they have now. This is why SOPA is bad:

The blackout protests from sites like Wikipedia and Google were dismissed like this by the Motion Picture Association of America:

“It’s a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests.”

I’ll just leave that there… Even though the bill has now been pulled, this is the first bullet in a big gun;

Thought a little about the 2012 phenomenon and was impressed by the Mesoamerican long count calendar, but am left astonished that anyone actually takes it seriously;
Relatedly, I found this wonderful list of 242 apocalyptic predictions, which of course landed me back in crazyland with the top 10 things ever said by Pat Robertson – I admire the author’s ability to cull from a long list! The so-called personhood amendment is the baby of Pat and friends(like the AIDS denialist Bryan Fischer, and this is an interesting blog at the legalities surrounding such a thing;
Speaking of Satan, here is the most ridiculous PR disaster I’ve ever heard of;
Nail art with a Black Speech flair (LOTR LOL);
Amazonian loggers give people another reason to love their work;




Clicky biggie:

Clicky biggie:


In TWOI23.12.11, I mentioned some studies into the conflation of language between convicted rapists and lad’s mags.  Now there’s this:


~ by Andrew on January 21, 2012.

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