This Week On Internet – 15.1.12

The White House has come out against both SOPA and PIPA – yay!;
Check out these great pics of a Ukranian girl-only martial tribe;
Best name ever, but arrested just the same;
On my browsings through wikipedia, I enjoyed learning about the Druze, the Galli, Temple Grandin and Daniel Dennet’s position on qualia;
A fact sheet on Julian Assange’s extradition;
Israelis left facepalming as #OpFreePalestine heats up;
An interesting online memory test;
Maybe it’s Criegee biradicals that will solve global warming;

Some vids here are old, but worth recycling (like this one)

But most are new!

This isn’t nearly as bad as the thumbnail suggests:

Indie game designers, meet mecha:

I would not want to manage Romney’s campaign, oh no:

Proof that Seacrest isn’t all you need:

A friend put me onto Abney Park!

Hunger Games fans, lulz to be had here:


~ by Andrew on January 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “This Week On Internet – 15.1.12”


    I SO MAD, BRO.

  2. Sadly Rick Moranis retired from show business after his wife died of cancer.

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