This Week On Internet – 8.1.12

Happy new year, all!

Christwire calls for a boycott of HBO’s Game of Thrones, possibly illustrating Poe’s law;
Found the YouTube Channel called Stare At Food, and it’s just what it says on the box;
Found myself perplexed and amused by the proposed Nibiru collision – I am so looking forward to more 2012 hysteria this year;
Another (anecdotal) reason to run away from PayPal;
A fascinatingly optimistic look at Australia’s international economic rankings;
Interesting but frustratingly oversimplified topographic history of religion; if anyone knows of something like this that isn’t terribad, drop it in the comments plzkthx;
Some interesting insights into what it’s like inside the brain of super math geeks;

This is a new toy of mine in action:

I received the magnetic field pattern window as a Christmas present and they work beautifully with my buckyballs. More vids to come…?

Also, I urge any RPG lovers out there to check out Apocalypse World, by the same guy who did Dogs in the Vineyard! It’s an amazingly simple, accessible and gritty storytelling RPG, set fifty years after the Apocalypse. Good times!


… and a strange stop-motion film to finish:

Shave a bear, get this:

Don’t worry, makeup:


Agent Orange is no good – chloracne is bad news. I’mma make this real small so if you’re eating click later:


~ by Andrew on January 8, 2012.

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  1. Iowa. We’re fucking nice.

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