This Fortnight On Internet – 12.11.11

Big wait, big post!

Hubble Directly Observes the Disc Around a Black Hole;
Ben Goldacre has another link-saturated article of awesomeness re: Bad Science;
Turns out that statistics is hard, and scientists are bad at it;
Exploitation and luck determine the successes of the richest, not skill;
I lovelovelove the charity Kiva, which facilitates rich people loaning money to entrepeneurs in developing countries;
An english translation of Super Putin, a wonderfully subtle comic;
An intruiging article on Steve Jobs’ real genius;
I learnt about doubly special relativity and the search for Lorentz violation;
A wonderfully insightful article on disability and fame;
Americans really hate atheists;
Bedford’s law explained – everyone should know about this;
Flavo(u)rs and Seasons, a blog about the experience of studying mathematics;
You do not need names for numbers to numerically reason;
After reading this article about the horrendous trolling faced by women on the internet, I was worried about the potential calls for ironfist responses. Turns out I shouldn’t have worried – Tiger Beatdown started #mencallmethings, and the response has been pretty excellent;
The role of hands in design;
Introducing… the Earthscraper!;
I learnt about Kaggle, where data mining has been turned into a competitive sport;
Anonymous urges safety in their continuing operations against the Cartel;
Warner Brothers strangely admits to issuing copyright takedown notices for content they had not viewed;
Viacom so devastated by piracy that CEO gets $50 million raise;
Go out in style – a conceptual Euthanasia rollercoaster!;

(Laci Green has a sex channel and a freethought channel, and both are great)

This is actually very awesome:

Also, this happened:

Vid and more info here!

(check out whatevenisthis for moar)

This meme is getting ridiculous:

Didn’t see the punchline coming on this one:


Venice (click for embiggening):

…and a rage comic to close:

~ by Andrew on November 12, 2011.

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