This Week On Internet – 3.11.11

An amazing article, must read – Manyongdae, the last funfair in North Korea;
This kept me amused for hours and hours and hours – use patterns to create music;
Julian Assange is probably getting extradited;
An interesting article on consent;
Utah is covered in bees;
A sceptic changes his mind about climate change;
The problems of academic copyright in a digital age;
Photography of the belongings of asylum inmates at Willard Asylum;
Just remember kids, make sure they don’t know where you live;
I enjoyed this Cracked article on logical fallacies;
Hilarious and SFW site analysing blackboards’ role in porn;
Adventures in depression;
Berlusconi is probably a human trafficker;
Oxygen-stealing trees are so deluded to think they can get away with this going unnoticed;

(Simpson’s paradox and the Schulze method also interesting/related)

(click for bigger)

(This last guy is a bubble floating in space – click for bigger)

Oh, and check out my earlier post on Guile’s Theme if you haven’t already!

~ by Andrew on November 3, 2011.

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