From the Vault 11 – Two strange themes

I grabbed this set of 4chan a loooong time ago. The thread was called “Guy with in red shorts hangs off a balcony while someone points a gun at them and another person looks on and yells”.

UPDATE: Found some hotsauce on these picks (that’s an ED link, don’t go wandering through that site at work); looks like they’re from a Russian photo competition called PhotoExtreme.

Now that that bit of absurdity is done, here’s something completely unrelated. The following are Bongard problems. I think they’re pretty cool, and programming computers to solve Bongard problems is an interesting thing to think about.

Each of the six figures on the left side share a common property. The six figures on the right do not share this property. What is it? These get progressively harder (in my humble estimation).

You can find a whole stack here.


~ by Andrew on October 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “From the Vault 11 – Two strange themes”

  1. I got the first two then gave up…. :P

  2. The third one is a bit tricksy, it’s “must have black triangle” :P

    These remind me a lot of Zendo!

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