This Week On Internet – 26.10.11

Internet piracy – maybe pirates are the best after all;
Some lovely Escher hyperbolics;
The merits of the infamous 9-9-9 plan are well illustrated by this graph;
There’s a list of enemies of the internet;
Which vs That in Venn diagrams;
Naomi Wolfe arrested at #ows;
I found this blog post on rape jokes very comprehensive on the issue;
Occupy Lemony Snicket;
A good infographic on #OccupyCanada;
A comprehensive and insightful look into the comic book industry;
Want to know how we think space and time actually warp? Now you can;
Anon took down a child pornography ring;
I found an official North Korean website. It has wonderful propaganda pieces like this one;
First direct images of a planet being formed;
Zombieland is going to be a series;
I always get my daily dose of Jesus;
Income graphs for the US;
Radiation hotspots detected in Tokyo;

I think these next two vids are interesting in contrast.

The video below is C0nc0rdance reading out this article by Ben Goldacre:

Jerboa. Seriously. Jerboa.

More Jerboa.

Pygmy Jerboa.

How is that even what how.

Now hold onto your hats, picture lovers. This is going to be a helluva ride.

Misleading and inaccurate, because: incest, but still.

(mad props to HEAKYEAHORANGE)


~ by Andrew on October 26, 2011.

One Response to “This Week On Internet – 26.10.11”

  1. Nice ‘Devil’s Rejects’ reference, dude.

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