Pick one.

TWON will appear later this evening. Until then, I love games like these!

Would your choice change if the island was infected by zombies?


~ by Andrew on October 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Pick one.”

  1. I think it’s dumb that the fire starter and the water purification pills are in the same list. Boiling water will purify it.

    Anyway, I think I’d go with list A.

  2. Good luck on the ground with your gun, sucker. I’ll be in my rope and machete’d branches treehouse reading a book.

  3. gonna go with C as well.
    The medkit would be useful, but bandages can be improvised. I can’t shoot, and once there’s no ammo left the rifle is useless (though there’s a scope on it which’d be good).
    Rope and a machete and a book about making traps and not dying seems useful. Machete can make a fire, as well, either with found flint or sharpening sticks to make a twirling firestarted using a strand out of the paracord.

    paracord also has 5-7 strands in it, each of which is usually about 50kg test, plus the nylon casing – can use one strand for fishing, strip the casing off for snares and use the rest braided as a rope still.

    that’s my story.

  4. A.

    I could walk around, pick up ammo, shoot dinosaurs and eat them. Fire might be hard but if cavemen can do it – well, I’m sure it’s easy to infer from first principles.

    And if I get sick or infected, I don’t have to use my axe or my machete to cut off a part of me. Instead I can use my knife to make me some scaly pants.

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