This ~Week On Internet – 16.9.11

I’ve missed you, Internet.

Some amazing / concerning news about the state of the modern scientific method;
News from NASA – the Space Launch System;
Some beautiful paper sculptures;
A very thought-provoking post on feminism, religion and a touch of internet politics;
A huge infographic on the history and future of the universe;
Student protesters have occupied the University of Chile, and some friends of mine talked their way inside;
The astronomer who found the planet made of diamond compares his experiences with what a climate scientist might expect;
Swedish researchers claim that bio-sausages are 6 months away (and if you don’t want to pay-money-then-sign-in to New Scientist, you can find it here);
Ohio man arrested for alleged sex act with inflatable raft in alley;
… and the wikipedia category of Mysteries has kept me up waaaay past my bedtime.


(The other spheres are pretty awesome too – the Adventure Sphere (Rick) and the Space Sphere!)

Stick with this one:

Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia, incrimination touches you!

I love this song!

Saturn’s rings, sun behind:

This is not a .gif (click for big):

The sun is not the yellow one on the right; Albireo is a binary system, and the sun is smaller than a pixel (after you click for big):

Lions have the worst lives (clickit)

~ by Andrew on September 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “This ~Week On Internet – 16.9.11”

  1. Cowards get mad. And that ain’t you!

  2. great post, particularily enjoyed the state of the modern scientific method article.

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