This Week On Internet – 27.8.11

Let’s start with the best thing first.

23 cognitive mistakes that make people play bad poker;
Geometric earthworks present further evidence for an ancient Amazonian society;
A great report on the Fibonacci sequence and its relation to solar power, written by a thirteen-year-old;
No embed, but this video on spray-on clothing is worth watching;
Stunning photos of damage caused by the East Coast USA earthquake;
An interesting article on Australian culture;
When Steve Jobs retired, I spotted people quoting him quoting Picasso, ‘[g]ood artists copy, great artists steal‘. It was attributed so heavily to Jobs, but I couldn’t source the original Picasso quote. Turns out it was probably a misquote of T. S. Eliot‘s ‘Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal’. I discovered this as the quote had been misattributed to Igor Stravinsky. There was something spookily meta about the entire experience of sourcing that. Well, the more you know;
How video games are infiltrating and improving every part of our lives;
Boobs don’t work that way;
A great documentary on Bill Hicks, a darkly hilarious comic that died far too young;
The 100 best (free) science documentaries available online;
NASA finds stars that are as cool as the human body;
Other astronomers say they have observed the destruction of a star at the heart of a distant galaxy, whilst others have found a A small planet-sized object made of solid diamond;
I want one of these couches so bad!

Then, this. Randall himself pointed this out btw.

Staggering idiocy tiem!

How many can you recognise?

San Francisco:

~ by Andrew on August 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “This Week On Internet – 27.8.11”

  1. OH YEAH

  2. Really loved this post! Your blog is fantastic! <3

  3. yepo lovin the fifthnet.

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