Guest post: Julia. Game of Thrones memes, fancy hotel rooms, other.

First, big love to Percy for asking me to guestblog.

To start you all off with, here are some amazing looking hotel rooms that are far, far fancier than any of the flea-infested hostels I’ll be staying at during my upcoming trip, but man, these are pretty awesome.

I really enjoy design. I get a big kick out of the ways in which people make an empty room into an exciting, useable space. That being said, I can’t watch renovator shows – I much prefer stills, and blogs. I enjoy reading about the process, and the concepts behind it, but I find DIY shows insufferable.

Some home design blogs I really enjoy are:

Apartment Therapy – a design blog focused solely on small houses.

IKEA Hackers – people who alter basic IKEA furniture to create wonderful new things. Some of the stuff is fugly, but some of it looks really useful. Once again, it’s all about stuff that you can do in a small space on a restricted budget. Their section on pet furniture is particularly interesting, and I’m planning a litter box hider hack when I return from South America.

I love those home design magazines that are all about the houses of millionaires, but I’m aware that that’s not really going to happen for me.

Now for the serious business:

I think it is completely safe to say that the best thing on TV this year has been HBO’s phenomenal adaptation of Game of Thrones. However, there were only 10 episodes, and since I finished A Dance With Dragons in the first 12 hours after getting it, I have been jonesing for ANYTHING I can get that is GoT related.

But thankfully, due to the internet, I don’t need to do that. The internet is that guy who shows up with a bagful of lulz and some doritos, and some good DVDs. I love the internet. Internet is the best bro.

Tumblr has been my salvation. Here is a selection of one of my favourite blogs, Texts From Westeros. The concept is simple – they take some of the best submissions from Texts From Last Night and put them on appropriate screencaps from Game of Thrones. As with all memes, some of them are a bit ho-hum, but then you have these ones that give a wonderful new level of lolz to what is a seriously mindblowing show:

And others that are so delightfully spot-on that it almost seems planned.

So that’s obviously my favourite GoT meme blog, probably because let’s face it, most of the characters in GoT have the same quality of decision-making skills as the people featured on TFLN. But oh, tumblr has provided me with many other good times during this drought.

Shit, sorry, that was from Why Would You Do That Spiderman and has nothing to do with GoT.

Apart from my love of GoT, I also enjoy making fun of hipsters. Once again, my bro the internet has totally got my back, and smooshes them together in a wonderful creation like that peanut butter/nutella mashup I made on the weekend.

So, there you have it. Short guest blog, overly concerned with idiotic GoT memes.


~ by Jules Furious on August 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Guest post: Julia. Game of Thrones memes, fancy hotel rooms, other.”

  1. #OhSamwellwise

  2. Funny post Julia… If anyone interested in writing a guest post at, you can get in touch with me through contact form found on the website…

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