This Week On Internet – 30.7.11

(Oldmeme, yes, but it bears repeating!)

Morse Code reference:

And let’s have some Kate Beaton to close:

I am keen for other people to contribute to this blog. If you’d like to write something, let me know, and I may even say yes. Expect the first such contribution very soon!

~ by Andrew on July 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “This Week On Internet – 30.7.11”

  1. The guy’s “solution” for the Zodiac puzzle was to change his cipher whenever he reached something that didn’t make sense, and keep trying new correspondences until he found something that did. Not exactly likely.

  2. WTF Ponyspace!

  3. Eeeeeep! The dancing squid bowl! Does not make me hungry. No sir. The way the sodium causes the nerves to fire and the muscles to work reminds me of seeing a persons heart being stopped and restarted by adding and removing potassium solution during open heart surgery. Amazing? Yes. Apetizing? No.

  4. That scary faced captioned thing has totally screwed me over. Also, the light isn’t working in the study.

  5. The tall ladies & Haters Gonna Hate wheelie girl (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) have almost killed me with joy. I really related to the coffee animation up to about the 5-6 coffee point…

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