A While On The Internet – 10.7.11

So, um, yeah. Here’s some internet!

Firstly, to Wikipedia. I enjoyed the Iron Law of Oligarchy, the Big Five Personality Traits, the page on Cultural Universals and also learnt about Form Constants.

A few other textey things were this great page on the typical Australian’s income, and if you’ve seen this floating around in the tubes:

…then read this excellent blog post to get the full story.

I also read this blog post about the Backfire Effect. I think the article overstates the power of the effect, but its role in flamewars is undoubtable.

My favourite crazy person right now:

I’m sure most didn’t miss this:

…but you might have missed this great reply:

(wiki for more on the mechanism)

This is actually one of my favourites from this week(s):

And now, images.

This is a storm that recently happened on Saturn – click for bigger!

One for the Fallout fans:

A different Beiber (click to open):

For the Firefly fans (clicky!):

This is a child’s skull, when their baby teeth were about to come through:

…and sex to finish:


~ by Andrew on July 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “A While On The Internet – 10.7.11”

  1. Why is Kaylee hoverhanding River? Does EVERYONE automatically hoverhand Summer Glau, regardless of who they are?

  2. RUN, gorilla! Heh, he’s a funny looking little man.

    Run, little man!

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