This Week On Internet – 27.5.11

Let’s start with this superhuman reaction time, because wow. The American tornadoes have been more serious than I thought. The Onion continues to be awesome. People don’t vaccinate, and that is just beyond infuriating and sad. Apparently geeks are cooler than jocks now, which is great news for everybody who will ever read this blog. The gay marriage issue was well addressed here, and the results were surprising from this program:

New Salad Fingers:

This is amazing:

Japan is still weird:


And a great SMBC to finish:


~ by Andrew on May 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “This Week On Internet – 27.5.11”

  1. I like this blog. Every time I read it I feel educated and entertained.

  2. I wasn’t the least bit surprised by that video about the gay parents in restaurants. I saw a similar thing once where someone walked down streets in Red States in a John Kerry t-shirt, and down streets in Blue States in a George W. Bush shirt. The Kerry garb raised nary a peep other than the odd bemused shake of the head. Whereas in the Bush shirt he was called an asshole, shouted at, etc.

    What this kind of thing confirms is that conservatives – not all of them, but a huge majority – are for the most part friendly live-and-let-live types, whereas American liberals (ie left-liberals) are massive arrogant assholes who associate themselves with the belief system which apparently automatically gives them the moral and intellectual high ground. A vantage point all the better from which to sneer at people. As if all their sins were washed away, as if they ought to be revered as saints, just because they are registered Democrats.

    A generalisation of course. You get some incredibly compassionate lefties, as well as some crotchety, abusive, rude, psycho Bible-thumpers. Just not nearly as many in either group as we’re led to believe.

    In the words of Trey Parker (or Matt Stone): “We hate conservatives, but we really fucking hate liberals.”

  3. Harvey, the difference in that example is that one politician was a non-event who quickly faded into obscurity after his doomed from the start campaign. Even if you disagreed with his viewpoints, the man was harmless. The other is a man who (presumably, since I don’t know when this experiment was run) in four years, putting it chartiably, made a whole bunch of policy decisions diamterically opposed to a lot of people’s way of thinking, not to mention the controversy of his election in the first place and the fact his government created a lot of ill will towards the US abroad.

    The difference is a bit like someone getting worked up over Howard and someone gettign worked up over Latham here. Plus, I wouldn’t mind knowing where this experiment was conducted.

  4. I dug around and found the article for you:

    And dude, I agree with you. I’m no Bush apologist. But getting worked up is one thing. Pointing out that you disagree with someone in a civil or even kind of mocking manner is one thing. Just calling someone an asshole because they disagree with you is another thing altogether. You can’t make the call that someone is an asshole because they voted for Bush or Howard, and voting Democrat or Labor, especially when it was only for Kerry, or Latham, or Rudd, FAR from gives you standing to do so, if anything could be said to give you standing. Obama is the best President America’s had in half a century and voting for him still don’t give no one that standing. Oh, and Obama also happens to make a whole bunch of policy decisions diametrically opposed to a lot of people’s way of thinking, last time I checked that wasn’t in and of itself a bad thing. What you meant was “diametrically opposed to a lot of right-thinking people’s way of thinking,” I’d wager. =P

    Incidentally, Kerry didn’t lose by *that* much, man. “Doomed from the start” is a stretch. And Latham is *definitely* worth getting worked up over. Of all the candidates in the last twenty or so years, no one has been more ill-suited to the Prime Ministership.

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