This Week On Internet – 13.5.11

-Episode 4 of Pioneer One was released this week. This show will have an upcoming post devoted to its greatness, but you can legally torrent all of Pioneer One for free if you haven’t been doing so already (see previous link).

-This is a great TED talk about Internet:

-A great troll:

-Before, after and even more after for Dallas Wiens:

He got a full face transplant, and can talk and smell pretty good, considering. Watch video of the press conference here.

-Time spent reading Wikipedia was, as always, a significant portion of my online browsing. I learnt about a cool new(ish) currency called the Bitcoin, and also learnt about the Irish Travellers, a nomadic group of Irish people who have their own language. Anyone who has seen Snatch may remember the “pikeys”, but their story is a little more complicated, of course. Here’s the Lord’s Prayer in Shelta, their language:

Our gathra, who cradgies in the manyak-norch,
We turry kerrath about your moniker.
Let’s turry to the norch where your jeel cradgies,
And let your jeel shans get greydied nosher same as it is where you cradgie.
Bug us eynik to lush this thullis,
And turri us you’re nijesh sharrig for the gammy eyniks we greydied
Just like we ain’t sharrig at the gammi needies that greydi the same to us.
Nijesh let us soonie eyniks that’ll make us greydi gammy eyniks,
But solk us away from the taddy.

Say it out loud for extra fun.

-This is Yat-Kha, a rock group that also mixes in Tuvan throat singing. It worked quite nicely for atmosphere in an RPG I run!, need I say more?

-This made me happy:

-This made me sad:

-Picture haul: engage!


~ by Andrew on May 13, 2011.

One Response to “This Week On Internet – 13.5.11”

  1. oh man I was totally looking for a thing like ragemaker.

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