This Week On Internet – 6.5.11

The YouTube videos of ViHart are really great. She is a “recreational” mathematician, and this is her best video:

I’d never heard of the vlogbrothers before this week – they appear to be popular. I really liked this video on NASA. Here’s one I clicked on later that I thought was even better, regarding the James Webb Space Telescope:

Via Twitter (@mhacdebhandia), here is a metal cover of the new Game of Thrones intro:


A Doctor whose name is (for serious) Dr. Chugay is offering a fantastic new weight loss program – getting a bunch of spikes sewn onto your tongue so you can’t eat solids.

Not even a joke. Here’s the doctor explaining the procedure:

I have listened to a lot of good internet talks in my time, but there’s something special about RSA Animate. Here’s a good example from Sir Ken Robinson (whom you may recognise from this TED talk) and the RSA animators on the subject of education:

Now, some pictures! Click to enlarge the big ones.

(Marc Brunet’s DA page)

And to close,


~ by Andrew on May 6, 2011.

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